Thursday, August 20, 2015

I love getting mail!

I came home today from visiting a friend and saw a package had arrived while I was gone.  Hurray, it was my first order of prints of my artwork! 


 I'm so excited to get them photographed and get some listings up in the shop, so you guys can see what I have been working on.  There are a few things I need to do before that can happen, though, like getting some mats and shipping supplies (details, details).  But it is getting closer to shop opening day!

I haven't had any time to paint the last two days, but right now the girls are having some TV time so I can get a few things done, and so I can work on a couple paintings.  The thing about watercolors is that you have to let the painting dry before you can add more to it, so it takes a bit longer than I might like.  Right now I'm working on something rather detailed so I have to let it dry completely, partly because that is just how it works, and partly because knowing myself I will smear the wet parts if I try to paint an area that is dry already...ask me how I know that!  Alright, just a quick update, I need to get to work!

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