Monday, September 28, 2015


Alright guys, I have finally, finally gotten the first batch of art prints listed on Etsy. 

Man, what an ordeal.  By the time i got the mat board I had ordered, it turned out to be...not mat board.  Arg!  I had to return it, which took 10 days to get the approval from the seller to send it back.  And the shipping (non-refundable) cost almost as much as the not-mat-board, so I should have just kept it and found a way to use it.  Oh, well.  I did find and purchase and receive some actual real mat board, and then I spent a few days learning how to use my mat cutter.  Which was super fun!

After that I cut mats for each of my prints, then spent a few days setting up and taking photos of the prints in frames, etc.  That was fun, too, but I spent so much time on it my feet were sore.  Then I had to edit the photos, which was a quick process (just had to color balance and crop).  And then...I listed the items in the shop!  Phew!

I have been painting here and there in between all of that, so I actually have about 6 more paintings that I need to scan and order prints of to list for sale as well.  I am happy with the ones in the shop now, but there are are few really good ones that I can't wait to get prints made for.  You guys are gonna love them!  I think I will also work on listing the originals of all the paintings I have made prints for, since you really can't beat having an original painting of your very own.  Stayed tuned, and go see what's new in the shop!

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